Each year, billions of dollars do not make it to the US Treasury, but rather stay in the pockets of the oil and gas industry in the form of subsidies and tax breaks. Millions more are wasted on special handouts for Big Oil.

Find out some of the things those revenues could pay for.

Start by selecting a subsidy

  • Fossil Energy Research Program

  • Intangible Drilling Cost Deduction

  • Manufacturing Tax Credit

  • Oil & Gas Royalty Giveaway

  • Percentage Depletion Allowance


Select a social program to compare

  • Children’s Health Insurance Program

  • Government Epidemiologists

  • Head Start Slots For Children

  • HIV / AIDS Assistance Program

  • Low Income Food Assistance

  • National Park Rangers

  • Pell Grants For Students

  • School Lunch Programs

  • USDA Meat Inspectors

  • Veteran Healthcare Benefits


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